Interface Carrier

All Known Subinterfaces:
Barrel, BlastFurnace, BlockCarrier, BrewingStand, Camel, Campfire, CarrierBlockEntity, CarrierMinecart<M>, Chest, ChestMinecart, ClientPlayer, Dispenser, Donkey, Dropper, Furnace, FurnaceBlockEntity, Hopper, HopperMinecart, Horse, HorseLike, Llama, LlamaLike, LocalPlayer, Merchant, Mule, MultiBlockCarrier, NameableCarrierBlockEntity, PackHorse, Pillager, Player, RemotePlayer, ServerPlayer, ShulkerBox, SingleBlockCarrier, SkeletonHorse, Smoker, TameableHorse, Trader, TraderLlama, TrappedChest, User, Villager, WanderingTrader, ZombieHorse

public interface Carrier
A Carrier is simply something that carries an Inventory.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    Returns the inventory that this Carrier is holding.
  • Method Details

    • inventory

      CarriedInventory<? extends Carrier> inventory()
      Returns the inventory that this Carrier is holding.
      The inventory this Carrier is holding