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Ageable, Agent, Animal, ArmorEquipable, AttributeHolder, Carrier, CopyableDataHolder, DataHolder, DataHolder.Mutable, DataSerializable, Entity, EntityProjectileSource, Equipable, HorseLike, HoverEventSource<HoverEvent.ShowEntity>, Identifiable, Living, LlamaLike, Locatable, PackHorse, ProjectileSource, RandomProvider, Ranger, SerializableDataHolder, SerializableDataHolder.Mutable, Sittable, Sound.Emitter, TameableAnimal, TameableHorse, TeamMember, ValueContainer

public interface Llama extends LlamaLike, TameableHorse, PackHorse
Represents a Llama. Llamas are unique in that they can be ridden by players, but not controlled by players. Likewise, they have colors and styles and can have storage "strength".