Interface BiomeVolume.Streamable<B extends BiomeVolume.Streamable<B>>

All Superinterfaces:
BiomeVolume, Volume
All Known Subinterfaces:
ArchetypeVolume, BiomeVolume.Immutable, BiomeVolume.Modifiable<M>, BiomeVolume.Mutable, BiomeVolume.Unmodifiable<U>, Chunk<P>, ClientWorld, GenerationChunk, GenerationRegion, Region<R>, Schematic, ServerWorld, Virtualized.Immutable, World<W,L>, WorldChunk, WorldLike<P>
Enclosing interface:

public static interface BiomeVolume.Streamable<B extends BiomeVolume.Streamable<B>> extends BiomeVolume
  • Method Details

    • biomeStream

      VolumeStream<B,Biome> biomeStream(Vector3i min, Vector3i max, StreamOptions options)
      Gets a VolumeStream<B, Biome> from this volume such that the min and max are contained within this volume.
      min - The minimum coordinate set
      max - The maximum coordinate set
      options - The options to construct the stream
      The volume stream