Interface ArchetypeVolume

All Superinterfaces:
BiomeVolume, BiomeVolume.Modifiable<ArchetypeVolume>, BiomeVolume.Streamable<ArchetypeVolume>, BlockEntityArchetypeVolume, BlockEntityArchetypeVolume.Modifiable<ArchetypeVolume>, BlockEntityArchetypeVolume.Streamable<ArchetypeVolume>, BlockVolume, BlockVolume.Modifiable<ArchetypeVolume>, BlockVolume.Streamable<ArchetypeVolume>, EntityArchetypeVolume, EntityArchetypeVolume.Modifiable<ArchetypeVolume>, EntityArchetypeVolume.Streamable<ArchetypeVolume>, MutableVolume, Volume
All Known Subinterfaces:

  • Method Details

    • transform

      ArchetypeVolume transform(Transformation transformation)
    • logicalCenter

      default Vector3d logicalCenter()
      Gets the logical center of a volume, considering the decimal coordinates, the block's center location would have an offset of 0.5
      The logical center of the volume
    • applyToWorld

      default void applyToWorld(ServerWorld target, Vector3i placement, Supplier<SpawnType> spawnContext)
      Attempts to apply all of the contents of this volume onto the target world with a relative placement. This default implementation can be used as a guide for utilizing VolumeStreams and their companion types.
      target - The target world
      placement - The target origin, where the diff of relative position compared to this volume's min position as the offset
      spawnContext - The context value used for processing spawn entities.