Interface VolumeStream<V extends Volume,T>

Type Parameters:
V - The type of volume backing this Stream
T - The type of element being iterated on

public interface VolumeStream<V extends Volume,T>
A specialized Stream<VolumeElement<Volume, T>> that is lazily evaluated and backed/populated by the particular Volume. Much like Stream, there are intermediary operations that can be performed on the stream, and terminal operations. While a Volume has many applications, on occasion work is requested to be performed in "bulk" or given a specific "work area".

Intermediary Operations

These operations are performed on each individual VolumeElement<Volume, T> such that either the element is inspected or filtering can be performed. They are as follows:

Terminal Operations

These operations are consuming the entirety of the stream, after all intermediary operations are performed on elements, perhaps filtering, or perhaps supplying different instances as "replacements". TODO flesh out the description of VolumeStream