Interface Living

All Superinterfaces:
AttributeHolder, CopyableDataHolder, DataHolder, DataHolder.Mutable, DataSerializable, Entity, EntityProjectileSource, HoverEventSource<HoverEvent.ShowEntity>, Identifiable, Locatable, ProjectileSource, RandomProvider, SerializableDataHolder, SerializableDataHolder.Mutable, Sound.Emitter, TeamMember, ValueContainer
All Known Subinterfaces:
Aerial, Ageable, Agent, Allay, Ambient, Animal, Aquatic, ArmorStand, Axolotl, Bat, Bee, Blaze, Boss, Camel, Cat, CaveSpider, Chicken, ClientPlayer, Cod, ComplexLiving<T>, Cow, Creature, Creeper, Dolphin, Donkey, Drowned, ElderGuardian, EnderDragon, Enderman, Endermite, Evoker, Fish, Fox, Frog, Ghast, Giant, GlowSquid, Goat, Golem, Guardian, Hoglin, Horse, HorseLike, Hostile, Human, Humanoid, Husk, Illager, Illusioner, IronGolem, Llama, LlamaLike, LocalPlayer, MagmaCube, Monster, Mooshroom, Mule, Ocelot, PackHorse, Panda, Parrot, Patroller, Phantom, Pig, Piglin, PiglinBrute, PiglinLike, Pillager, Player, PolarBear, Pufferfish, Rabbit, Raider, Ranger, Ravager, RemotePlayer, Salmon, SchoolingFish, ServerPlayer, Sheep, Shulker, Silverfish, Skeleton, SkeletonHorse, SkeletonLike, Slime, Sniffer, SnowGolem, Spellcaster, Spider, Squid, Stray, Strider, Tadpole, TameableAnimal, TameableHorse, Trader, TraderLlama, TropicalFish, Turtle, Vex, Villager, Vindicator, WanderingTrader, Warden, Witch, Wither, WitherSkeleton, Wolf, Zoglin, Zombie, ZombieHorse, ZombieLike, ZombieVillager, ZombifiedPiglin

public interface Living extends AttributeHolder, Entity
Represents an entity that is living, and therefor can be damaged.

Living entities can have PotionEffects, breathing air under water, custom names, hold Attributes, and become invisible.