Interface Client

All Superinterfaces:
Engine, LocaleSource, RegistryHolder

public interface Client extends Engine, LocaleSource
Represents a typical Minecraft Client.
  • Method Details

    • player

      Gets the player responsible for controlling this client.

      A client may not always have a local player if browsing menus prior to joining a world or server.

      The local player or Optional.empty() if it is not found
    • server

      Gets the server that powers a local SinglePlayer game instance of a typical Minecraft client.

      A client will not have a local server if it is outside of SinglePlayer

      The local server or Optional.empty() if it is not found
    • world

      Gets the world that a typical Minecraft client will be viewing while in some game instance (local or remote).

      A client will not have a client world if it is browsing the main menus

      The client world or Optional.empty()} if it is not found
    • connection

      Gets the ClientSideConnection that is currently active, this is only the case if the client is connected to a server.
      The client side connection, if present