Interface RegisterCommandEvent<C>

Type Parameters:
C - The type of command that is being registered.
All Superinterfaces:
Event, GenericEvent<C>, LifecycleEvent

public interface RegisterCommandEvent<C> extends GenericEvent<C>, LifecycleEvent
Lifecycle event to indicate when commands should be registered.

This event is generic and the type parameter is required. This type parameter (C) will correspond to the base class or interface that your command inherits from.

There are two types of command that Sponge will always call an event for:

Commands that have been generated using Command.builder() should be registered during the RegisterCommandEvent<Command.Parameterized> event.

Other plugins and platforms may provide a CommandRegistrar that allows for other types to be registered as commands. These types will be provided by these other plugins, consult their documentation for more details.

This event will be called whenever the game re-initializes commands, and does not guarantee that any specific engine is running.