Interface DropItemEvent.Dispense

All Superinterfaces:
AffectEntityEvent, Cancellable, DropItemEvent, Event, SpawnEntityEvent
All Known Subinterfaces:
ChangeInventoryEvent.Drop, ChangeInventoryEvent.Drop.Full, ChangeInventoryEvent.Drop.Single, ClickContainerEvent.Creative.Drop, ClickContainerEvent.Drop, ClickContainerEvent.Drop.Full, ClickContainerEvent.Drop.Outside, ClickContainerEvent.Drop.Outside.Primary, ClickContainerEvent.Drop.Outside.Secondary, ClickContainerEvent.Drop.Single
Enclosing interface:

public static interface DropItemEvent.Dispense extends DropItemEvent, SpawnEntityEvent
Called whenever an Item is dispensed from a type of Inventory such as a Player or Container.

This does not include cases where the holder is destroyed resulting in dropped Items.

Canceling this event does not guarantee that the associated inventory is rolled back when this event is cancelled. You might want to listen to ClickContainerEvent.Drop.