Interface ChunkEvent.WorldScoped

All Superinterfaces:
ChunkEvent, Event
All Known Subinterfaces:
ChunkEvent.Generated, ChunkEvent.Load, ChunkEvent.Save, ChunkEvent.Save.Post, ChunkEvent.Save.Pre, ChunkEvent.Unload, ChunkEvent.Unload.Post, ChunkEvent.Unload.Pre
Enclosing interface:

public static interface ChunkEvent.WorldScoped extends ChunkEvent
Represents an event that has knowledge about the world that is being operated upon.
  • Method Details

    • worldKey

      ResourceKey worldKey()
      Gets the key of the ChunkEvent.WorldScoped that the chunk resides in.

      Be careful when retrieving the world within this event as some events may not fire on the main thread and such world access is not thread safe.

      The world's key