Interface RaidWave

  • public interface RaidWave
    • Method Detail

      • raid

        Raid raid()
        Gets the Raid this wave is a part of.
        The raid
      • isBonus

        boolean isBonus()
        Determines if this wave was a bonus of the Raid.

        Bonus waves are always spawned after the final wave.

        Bonus waves exist because PotionEffectTypes.BAD_OMEN had a level greater than 1.

        True if bonus, false if not
      • isFinal

        boolean isFinal()
        Determines if this wave was the final wave of the Raid.

        Whether a wave is final depends on the Difficulty of the world.

        If this wave is final, there may be bonus waves after the wave finishes.

        True if the final wave, false if not
      • addRaider

        boolean addRaider​(Raider raider,
                          boolean addToRaidHealth)
        Adds a Raider to this wave.
        raider - The raider
        addToRaidHealth - Whether to add on to a Raid's health
        True if raider was added, false if not
      • removeRaider

        boolean removeRaider​(Raider raider)
        Removes a Raider from this wave.
        raider - The raider to remove
        True if remove succeeded, false if not (or wasn't in the wave to begin with)