Class CookingResult


public final class CookingResult extends Object
The result of fulfilling a CookingRecipe.
  • Constructor Details

    • CookingResult

      public CookingResult(ItemStackSnapshot result, double experience)
      Creates a new CookingResult.

      Note that this may be replaced with a static of method in the future.

      result - The result of the cooking recipe
      experience - The experience that should be created from this result
  • Method Details

    • result

      public ItemStackSnapshot result()
      This method should be used instead of the Recipe.exemplaryResult() method, as it customizes the result further depending on the specified ingredient ItemStackSnapshot. It is advised to use the output of Recipe.exemplaryResult(), modify it accordingly, and return it.
      The result of fulfilling the requirements of a CookingRecipe
    • experience

      public double experience()
      Returns the amount of experience released after completing a recipe.
      The amount of experience released after fulfilling the requirements of a CookingRecipe
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      public int hashCode()
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      public String toString()
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