Interface FluidState

All Superinterfaces:
CopyableDataHolder, DataHolder, DataHolder.Immutable<FluidState>, DataSerializable, SerializableDataHolder, SerializableDataHolder.Immutable<FluidState>, State<FluidState>, ValueContainer

public interface FluidState extends State<FluidState>
Represents a particular "state" that can exist at a ServerLocation with a particular BlockType and various Value.Immutables defining the information for the "block". Note that normally, there may exist only a single instance of a particular FluidState as they are immutable, a particular instance may be cached for various uses.
  • Method Details

    • builder

      static FluidState.Builder builder()
      Creates a new FluidState.Builder for building FluidStates.
      The builder
    • fromString

      static FluidState fromString(String id)
    • block

      BlockState block()
      Gets the BlockState that best represents this FluidState.

      The type does not include location based information such as tanks or inventories. This is simply a block state that can be used for volumes such as Schematics or Worlds that are serialized and deserialized.

      The type of block
    • type

      FluidType type()
      Gets the parent FluidType that this state is based on. Much like BlockType versus BlockStates, there can be many to one relationships between the two.
      The fluid type
    • isEmpty

      boolean isEmpty()