Interface Key<V extends Value<?>>

Type Parameters:
V - The type of Value
All Superinterfaces:
Keyed, ResourceKeyed

@CatalogedBy(Keys.class) public interface Key<V extends Value<?>> extends ResourceKeyed
Represents a key to an underlying Value such that the underlying value can be retrieved from a ValueContainer. For the key to be used through retrieval of DataHolders, it's required to use a DataRegistration if the data is needed to be serialized, or dynamically provided for through external mechanisms, through DataProviders.

If dynamic or persistent retention of the Values by keys is not desired, a registration with DataRegistration is optional. This would mean that any submitted Values of a Key without an associated DataRegistration will be only stored on a mutable DataHolder for the duration that that holder exists. The value would not persist between reloads, restarts, etc.

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