Class OreDeploymentExtensionImpl

    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
      OreDeploymentExtensionImpl​(org.gradle.api.model.ObjectFactory objects, org.gradle.api.provider.ProviderFactory providers)  
    • Constructor Detail

      • OreDeploymentExtensionImpl

        public OreDeploymentExtensionImpl​(org.gradle.api.model.ObjectFactory objects,
                                          org.gradle.api.provider.ProviderFactory providers)
    • Method Detail

      • oreEndpoint

        public @NotNull org.gradle.api.provider.Property<java.lang.String> oreEndpoint()
        Description copied from interface: OreDeploymentExtension
        The Ore host to publish to.


        Specified by:
        oreEndpoint in interface OreDeploymentExtension
        a property supplying the ore endpoint.
      • apiKey

        public @NotNull org.gradle.api.provider.Property<java.lang.String> apiKey()
        Description copied from interface: OreDeploymentExtension
        Get the API key to use for authentication.

        This should be a v2 API key with create_version permissions.

        For security reasons, this property should be set to the value of a gradle property or environment variable rather than the literal API key.

        Default: the value of the environment variable ORE_TOKEN.

        Specified by:
        apiKey in interface OreDeploymentExtension
        the API key property