Class CollisionRules


public final class CollisionRules extends Object
An enumeration of vanilla CollisionRules.

The behavior of these values can be somewhat counter-intuitive. Since CollisionRules are used on the client, this behavior cannot be changed by Sponge.

The following truth table shows whether or not two entities will collide, given the collision rules for their respective teams.

For example, two entities on different teams will not collide if one team's CollisionRule is set to ALWAYS and the other is set to PUSH_OWN_TEAM.

Same team - ALWAYS - Yes Same team - PUSH_OWN_TEAM - Yes Same team - PUSH_OTHER_TEAMS - No Same team - NEVER - No

Different teams - NEVER - *any* - No

Different teams - ALWAYS - PUSH_OWN_TEAM - No Different teams - ALWAYS - PUSH_OTHER_TEAMS - Yes Different teams - ALWAYS - ALWAYS - Yes Different teams - PUSH_OWN_TEAM - PUSH_OTHER_TEAMS - No Different teams - PUSH_OWN_TEAM - PUSH_OWN_TEAM - No Different teams - PUSH_OTHER_TEAMS - PUSH_OTHER_TEAMS - Yes