Interface BlockCarrier

All Superinterfaces:
Carrier, Locatable
All Known Subinterfaces:
Barrel, BlastFurnace, BrewingStand, Campfire, CarrierBlockEntity, Chest, Dispenser, Dropper, Furnace, FurnaceBlockEntity, Hopper, MultiBlockCarrier, NameableCarrierBlockEntity, ShulkerBox, SingleBlockCarrier, Smoker, TrappedChest

public interface BlockCarrier extends Carrier, Locatable
Represents a Block that is a carrier of an Inventory e.g. An Anvil
  • Method Details

    • inventory

      Inventory inventory(Direction from)
      Returns the Inventory owned by this Carrier and accessible from the given direction.

      e.g. A Furnace accessed from Direction.DOWN will return its Fuel Slot

      When no inventory is accessible a EmptyInventory is returned

      from - The Direction
      The inventory at the location when accessed from given direction