Interface ChangeBlockEvent

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ChangeBlockEvent.All, ChangeBlockEvent.Post, ChangeBlockEvent.Pre

public interface ChangeBlockEvent extends Event
Plain event for when one or many BlockStates may be changing within a ServerWorld. Ideally, the ChangeBlockEvent.All.transactions() will contain a full list in order of which the changes are taking place, but the overall list may not be the full breadth of what changes take place during some complex operations. To record the entirety of all transactions taking place, ChangeBlockEvent.Post provides additional aide with knowing which BlockTransactionReceipts are recorded in a particluar ServerWorld without the additional cost of having multiple events thrown throughout.

To determine whether a particular BlockTransaction is a break, place, modify, etc. please refer to the BlockTransaction.operation()

  • Method Details

    • world

      ServerWorld world()
      Gets the world this event is affecting.
      The world encompassing these block changes