Interface Raid

public interface Raid
  • Method Details

    • world

      ServerWorld world()
      Gets the ServerWorld this raid is taking place in.
      The world
    • bossBar

      BossBar bossBar()
      Gets the BossBar being displayed to clients of this raid.
      The boss bar
    • setBossBar

      void setBossBar(BossBar bossBar)
      Sets the BossBar being displayed to clients of this raid.
      bossBar - The boss bar
    • status

      RaidStatus status()
      Gets the RaidStatus of this raid.
      The raid status
    • currentWave

      Optional<RaidWave> currentWave()
      Gets the current RaidWave of this raid.
      The current wave or Optional.empty() if no waves are currently running
    • waves

      List<RaidWave> waves()
      Gets all of the waves that have occurred or are occurring in this raid.
      The waves
    • totalWaveAmount

      int totalWaveAmount()
      Gets the amount of waves this raid plans to execute.

      In vanilla, a raid determines wave amounts based on difficulty:

      Keep in mind that wave amount will be affected by waves added by plugins
      The total wave amount
    • health

      double health()
      Gets the health of this raid. Health is calculated by the sum of all of the Raider's As long as the raider was added to a RaidWave as part of the health.
      The health