Interface PlayerChatEvent

All Superinterfaces:
AudienceMessageEvent, Cancellable, Event, MessageEvent

public interface PlayerChatEvent extends AudienceMessageEvent, Cancellable
Fired when the Component being sent to a PlayerChatFormatter was due to chatting.
  • Method Details

    • originalChatFormatter

      PlayerChatFormatter originalChatFormatter()
      Gets the original formatter that this message will be sent through.
      The original formatter used
    • chatFormatter

      Optional<PlayerChatFormatter> chatFormatter()
      Gets the current formatter that this message will be sent through.
      The formatter the message in this event will be sent through
    • setChatFormatter

      void setChatFormatter(@Nullable PlayerChatFormatter router)
      Sets the formatter for this message to go trough.

      If the target audience is a ForwardingAudience the PlayerChatFormatter will be applied to each of its ForwardingAudience.audiences()

      router - The router to set
    • originalMessage

      Component originalMessage()
      Gets the original chat message.

      This message is the original chat message, without any formatting whatsoever.

      In Vanilla, this is equivalent to what a player typed into the chat box (no name prefix or other elements).

      Specified by:
      originalMessage in interface MessageEvent
      The original chat message
    • message

      Component message()
      Gets the chat message.
      Specified by:
      message in interface MessageEvent
      The chat message
    • setMessage

      void setMessage(Component message)
      Sets the chat message.
      Specified by:
      setMessage in interface MessageEvent
      message - The chat message