Interface PlayerChangeClientSettingsEvent

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public interface PlayerChangeClientSettingsEvent extends Event
Fired when a player changes one or more of the following settings.
  • Locale
  • View distance
  • Chat visibility
  • Chat colors
  • Displayed skin parts

The event is fired before the player object is updated so it is possible to inspect the old settings.

  • Method Details

    • player

      ServerPlayer player()
      Gets the player.
      The player
    • locale

      Locale locale()
      Gets the new locale of the player.
      The locale
    • viewDistance

      int viewDistance()
      Gets the new view distance of the player. This value represents the radius in unit chunks.
      The view distance
    • chatVisibility

      ChatVisibility chatVisibility()
      Gets the new chat visibility setting of the player.
      The chat visibility setting
    • isChatColorsEnabled

      boolean isChatColorsEnabled()
      Gets the new value for whether the player has colors enabled in chat.
      True if colors are enabled in chat
    • displayedSkinParts

      Set<SkinPart> displayedSkinParts()
      Gets the new skin part's displayed.
      The displayed skin parts