Interface CommandMapping

public interface CommandMapping
Provides information about a mapping between a command and its aliases.
  • Method Details

    • primaryAlias

      String primaryAlias()
      Gets the primary alias that will be passed to the registered CommandRegistrar. Note that this alias may not correspond to an alias in allAliases(), it is used as an identifier to the underlying CommandRegistrar.
      The primary alias
    • allAliases

      Set<String> allAliases()
      Gets an immutable list of all aliases.

      The returned list must contain at least one entry, of which one must be the one returned by primaryAlias().

      There may be several versions of the same alias with different casing, although generally implementations should ignore the casing of aliases.

      A set of aliases
    • plugin

      Optional<org.spongepowered.plugin.PluginContainer> plugin()
      Gets the plugin that owns the command, if known.
      The plugin.
    • registrar

      CommandRegistrar<?> registrar()
      Gets the CommandRegistrar that registered this command.
      The CommandRegistrar