Interface MapStorage

  • public interface MapStorage
    Represents the storage manager for the maps of the Server This allows you to get MapInfos and create them.
    • Method Detail

      • allMapInfos

        java.util.Collection<MapInfo> allMapInfos()
        Get all MapInfos that exist on this server.
        Set of MapInfos
      • mapInfo

        java.util.Optional<MapInfo> mapInfo​(java.util.UUID uuid)
        Gets a MapInfo by its UUID.
        uuid - UUID of map to get
        The map with given uuid, or empty if it doesn't exist.
      • createNewMapInfo

        java.util.Optional<MapInfo> createNewMapInfo()
        Creates a new MapInfo.

        The MapInfo will not be successfully created if the fired CreateMapEvent is cancelled. This can happen due to either a plugin cancelling it, or running out of room for maps. (Max amount of maps is 2147483647)

        MapInfo the new MapInfo if available