Class ResolveOperations

  • public class ResolveOperations
    extends Object
    Types of rendering that can be applied to components.
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        public static final DefaultedRegistryReference<ResolveOperation> CONTEXTUAL_COMPONENTS
        Resolve contextual components.

        Some components (Selectors, NBT, and Score) must be resolved based on server information before being sent to the client. This performs that resolution.


        public static final DefaultedRegistryReference<ResolveOperation> CUSTOM_TRANSLATIONS
        Apply custom translations.

        These are translations registered by plugins, not Vanilla or resource pack-provided translations. Those translations are already resolved clientside, so the information is not loaded on the server.

        In normal message sending to players and consoles, custom translations are automatically resolved. This resolution operation is primarily intended for performing analysis of components before (or without) sending.

        See Also:
        to register translations