Class SpongeComponents

  • public final class SpongeComponents
    extends Object
    Additional SpongeAPI-specific methods for working with Components and related.
    • Method Detail

      • executeCallback

        public static ClickEvent executeCallback​(Consumer<CommandCause> callback)
        Creates a new ClickEvent that will execute the given runnable on the server when clicked. The callback will expire after some amount of time (not particularly instantly, but not like overnight really either).
        callback - The callback to execute
        The created click event instance
      • resolve

        public static Component resolve​(Component component,
                                        CommandCause senderContext,
                                        Audience viewer,
                                        DefaultedRegistryReference<ResolveOperation> resolver,
                                        DefaultedRegistryReference<ResolveOperation>... otherResolvers)
        Render a component for viewer-specific context.

        The viewer must refer to a single viewer, not multiple viewers, in order to gather any useful context. If an audience cannot be resolved to a single viewer, this method will behave as if no viewer had been defined.

        component - the component to render
        senderContext - the context to render in
        viewer - the viewer to render for
        resolver - the first resolver
        otherResolvers - any other resolvers to apply
        the rendered component