Class Min

  • public class Min
    extends Module
    Noise module that outputs the smaller of the two output values from two source modules.
    Source Modules
    This module requires 2 source modules.
    • Constructor Detail

      • Min

        public Min()
      • Min

        public Min​(Module left,
                   Module right)
        Create a new Min module with the source modules pre-configured.
        left - the first operand
        right - the second operand
    • Method Detail

      • getValue

        public double getValue​(double x,
                               double y,
                               double z)
        Description copied from class: Module
        Generates an output value given the coordinates of the specified input value.

        All source modules required by this module must have been connected with the Module.setSourceModule(int, Module) method. If these source modules are not connected, this method will throw a NoModuleException.

        To determine the number of source modules required by this noise module, call the Module.getSourceModuleCount() method.

        Specified by:
        getValue in class Module
        x - the x coordinate of the input value
        y - the y coordinate of the input value
        z - the z coordinate of the input value
        the output value